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The business of obtaining and selling internet domain names is flourishing in Viet Nam, with some names fetching thousands of dollars. Thousands of domain names related to industries like fashion, healthcare, property, and tourism are being sold on domain websites.
Centuries-old theological disputes have broken out in cyberspace as religions aim to influence the future presentation of faith on the Internet. The forum for the rivalry is not the pulpit or church bulletin, but the website of ICANN, the corporation that oversees the Internet address system and now wants to expand it beyond the usual .com, .org or .net domains. publishes their Top 50 New gTLDs based on the number of pre-registrations (free, non-binding) for each new gTLD. All data is in real time.
Following a day-long Domain Name Service server outage, web hosting provider GoDaddy is letting its competitor, VeriSign, host its DNS servers.
ICM Registry is launching a new search engine dedicated to developed .XXX websites and .XXX content.
The China Internet Network Information Center, registry for the .cn domain, has announced the launch of the new .china (.? ?) Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) extension. Sunrise Phase 1 for the .? ? IDN began on September 15, 2012, and is open to trademark holders.
Articles and Talks

There is a HUGE problem in the domain industry and has NOTHING to do with the value of our assets. It's the FACT that as Domain Name Investors we have gone from the majority to a SMALL minority. They have more people working at than there are full time domain investors.
When everyone wants to talk about pricing domains and appraisals it seems that many leave out some other intangibles. It just doesn't matter about the extension and if you can find out who the buyer is. They are both important but not the end all be all. Domainer metrics are important but there is still more than that.
It's easier than ever to put a website on your domain name thanks to platforms like WordPress that take all the complexity out of building a site. The problem is, most domain and website investors expect the traffic to come pouring in just because they have a good website with good content. But that's just not enough.

Tips, Tricks, Tools and Services

Negotiation is both an art and a skill and every negotiation is different, but there are some things that if you keep in mind will lead to a better result.
If you have domain names that received offers on Sedo in the past, it might be a good idea to make them "Buy It Now" listings - even if it's only for a short period of time. Sedo will automatically ping the companies and people who made offers on the name in the past, and perhaps you'll close a deal.
This post discusses the topic of using expired/reclaimed domains to link to your other niche sites.  This is a controversial topic and these practices may be considered gray hat or even black hat.
Weekly Sales

No blockbuster sales were reported this past week but a wide assortment of solid mid-range sales were booked. The best of those was, a domain that sold on the DomainNameSales platform for $45,000. The next two spots on our latest all  extension Top 20 Sales Chart went to a pair of .coms sold through the  AfternicDLS; #2 at $36,000 and #3 at $30,000. 
This week's end user domain name sales report includes some big names. Auction house Christie's bought an Andy Warhol domain name, University of Oklahoma bought a four letter acronym, and a Kickstart success story bought its company domain name.

Upcoming Events and Conferences

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is known the world over as the must-attend conference for serious and successful domain investors, and where ever the show has been, entrepreneurs, investors and successful business people have joined us for networking, fun and making the deal!
Attend SMX East for tactics to increase website traffic, conversions...and sales! Choose from over 50 sessions on internet marketing topics including search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, local/mobile search, social media marketing and semantic SEO.  

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